SEO and Digital Marketing Services

Our primary service is SEO, please


We also offer the following services:

  • Security Reviews

We can run security scans on your wordpress website and advise on any updates, these may be as simple as installing a new plugin or updating wordpress.

  • Performance Enhancements

Search engines love high speed websites as much as visitors, website speed is begin taken into consideration as part of search engine indexing and SEO. Small and simple changes can speed up a website.

  • Social Media

Get noticed and find more leads via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram. Social Media is not to be ignored but you do not need to have

  • Website Maintenance

Do you want small updates to your website, we can provide a service to update your site as required.

  • Statistics

How will we know how well the SEO is working ? Let us install Google and Bing tracking onto your website, we will take initial statistics and this can be compared with data following SEO.

  • Competitor Analysis

What are your competitors doing? we can research their websites and help to gain a competitive advantage. See our dedicated SEO page for details.

  • Affiliate Marketing

It is possible to make money from your website by placing adverts within the content. You need fresh and interesting content to bring the visitors, advert click through can average at just 1% and a Google Adsense advert may only earn 10p. Good SEO will help to increase visitors and income.

  • Domain Name Management

Is your domain name safe and secure?, would you like to purchase a domain name? Read more about our domain management service

  • Photography Services