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Gemetan – Business Website Design

Here at Gemetan we will work with you to design and develop a website that meets your requirements and fits your budget. If you only have a small budget then the support packages allow the site to grow by adding addition content and functionality.

Why Gemetan?

  • We believe in working with you to provide the website that fits your budget
  • Support and Maintenance packages to keep your site up to date
  • Domain Management and renewals
  • Authoring service if you need professional content written
  • Corporate and Product Photography services
  • Dedicated server hosting, you wont share a server with 100’s of other sites

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Blogging, Social Media – What dose it all mean? We are here to help.

  • What is SEO and why do we need it?

SEO is a set of processes we apply to web pages to increase their position in search engine organic listings.  No one can promise first page listing on Google, Bing or Yahoo, we just go by our results and customer feedback.  Read More…..

  • Blog, whats that then?

Simply put a Blog is a website or part of a website that has articles, commentary, or events in a date order. Blogs are normally subject based, examples would be: progress on a research project, match reports for a football club or company press releases.

  • Social Media, something to do with “face-space” or “my-book” isn’t it?

Social Media is not just about someones new status or photos from the weekend. publishing articles about your services and products can be very effective through social networks.

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